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about us

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Games are our passion and our team strive for game creation and development. We are always looking for new members to join our team and to expand their skills. One of our main passions at Synth Inc is learning and education. We wish to help the next generation of coders get their projects out and to learn from other developers and coders.  Gamers around the world are always looking for new games to get invested in, and our goal is to use that investment to create passionate projects for all to enjoy. 

One Team, One Community.

We strive to create games for our players and community, and we are always looking to expand our team! Our team strive for new and upcoming talent, and we welcome anyone who is interested in learning game development or wishes to pursue a career with us. 

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what we do

Games Creation & Design

Our Team work on creating different games. We are always working on a project, whether it be for in-house training, practice of skills or for our final release products.

Media Creation & Design

The Graphics Design team work on different forms of media, such as videos, pictures, and audio. Our Graphics team is a vital asset to our development team.

In-House Training

All of our team love sharing resources with one another. We are always sharing our knowledge with newer developers to help broaden their horizons and to expand their skills.

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Projects & Designs
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"I love working alongside our team of developers and contributing to our projects. I love allowing my creativity to run wild to build content and to expand my skills as a developer."

Connor Clayton Founder & Project Executive

"I joined tbegaming and Synth Inc without any knowledge of games design or coding, but I was given the opportunity to learn from my colleagues and climb the ranks. I love working with these guys."

Jasmin Salihovic  Lead Director

"When I was given the opportunity to work alongside likeminded individuals, I took it up instantly. Working on games thrills and excites me, and the team we have allowed me to continue my passion." 

Leon Clayton Lead Director & Senior Developer